Equality of French and English Once and For All

Canada has had two official languages for over 50 years now. But one of these languages is still not equal to the other.

Every year,

  • Canadians hear “Sorry, I don’t speak French” when they ask to be served in French by airport security;
  • Federal public servants are forced to work in English even in places where they have the right to work in French;
  • Parents have to wait in long lines, often early in the morning, hoping to register their children for scarce French immersion spots.

And now, after years and years of violations and lax implementation of the Official Languages Act, after decades of a lack of political will to ensure the Act is fully respected, the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated once again that when there’s emergency, French automatically takes the back seat.

Enough is enough.
It’s time to take our official languages seriously.

Justin Trudeau’s government committed to modernizing the Official Languages Act.
The Prime Minister promised that this time, we’d get it right.

Demand that the government keep its promise and present a bill
to modernize the Official Languages Act NOW.